• Martial Artist

    Marrese Crump: Martial Artist

    The Art Of Marrese Crump

    The Art of Marrese Crump is the art of self mastery. Marrese's approach to the martial arts is the never-ending journey to discover the depths of his own true potential. It is his own pursuit, as a dedicated martial artist, toward personal growth and attainment of wisdom. 

    CMA Brotherhood

    Marrese Crump's Biography

  • Actor


    On The Big Screen

    As an actor, Marrese Crump represents a new paradigm in the action genre by bridging the gap between his profound knowledge, natural charisma and unmatched work ethic to create visually inspiring stories on the big screen.

    Marrese Crump's Filmography

  • Author


    Real Fight Action

    A collaboration between martial artist Marrese Crump and legendary action director Panna Rittikrai gives insight into the approach, methodology and physical training involved in their unique style of movie action design known as the art of Real Fight Action.


    The Warrior's Journal

    Based upon the training journal of Marrese Crump, The Warrior's Journal taps into the ancient wisdom of the Way of the Warrior. It offers keys to victory in all of life's arenas of combat. It offers insight into the mind of the Warrior-Philosophers of antiquity whose words and deeds fill the legends of the collective human consciousness.

  • Teacher


    Sharing Knowledge

    Marrese Crump makes it a point to share his knowledge and training with those dedicated to learning. He has taught many students over the years and now travels the world, making appearances at exclusive workshops and events.

    CMA Brotherhood

  • Philosopher


    A Living Philosophy

    Marrese Crump utilizes ancient wisdom, combined with his profound understanding of the martial arts, and translates it into modern day applications for living life to its greatest potential. He shares his living philosophy through his movement, writings and discussions.

    CMA Brotherhood

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